Web Services

We are an experienced website designing and development agency. We offer three different types of websites: custom, template-based, and CMS-based for all types of businesses. Our custom websites are built from scratch, template-based websites are built with ready-made templates according to certain types of business requirements, and CMS-based websites are connected with a ready-made CMS (content management system) which allows the administrators of the website to make changes on the website such as design changes and/or content changes.

Our clients can choose between three different types of website:

Custom websites

These are created according to individual needs. They are usually customizable by allowing you to choose from a wide range of colors, fonts, and layouts that suit your needs.


Template-based websites

These are designed using pre-built templates that have been optimized for specific business needs. They come in different flavors ranging from simple ones to complex ones depending on what your business requires. You can also add your own elements or modify existing ones if necessary without having to start from scratch again!

CMS-based websites

These are similar to template-based ones except that they connect with one specific content management system (CMS). This allows you to manage all pages on your website.





Collection of information from client

A detailed description of the project and purpose of the website is sought from the client. The team tries to understand the concept of the task and the ultimate goal.



Creating a strategy

A thorough in-house research is conducted based on the client’s requirements and end goals. Rival sites are studied and only after that, a strategy is devised, including wireframes and sitemaps.



Finalising web design

In this phase, a basic layout of the web is drawn which is then refined with the help of back- and-forth exchanges with the client. Once the final layout of pages is agreed upon, the development teams starts to work their magic.



Code Creation

Our team starts creating the code and the website begins to take its digital shape. Everything from CMS integration to framework development to search engine optimization and plug-in integration is conducted in this phase.



Quality Assurance

Once the website has gained functionality, the team’s internal quality assurance inspectors critically evaluate the product. The site is gauged in accordance with the highest of the industry’s quality standards. Shortcomings, if any, are ironed out at this stage.



Final Launch

The client is handed control of the website. The team also makes necessary arrangements if asked to maintain the site post-delivery.